Flutter has been a buzzword in the mobile application world for a couple of years. Well, it has lived up to the hype. The software development kit is used to build artistic User Interfaces(UI). The critical feature of Flutter is to present the pixels of UI in all platforms — mobile, web and desktop. Yep, there are no limits. Developers around the world have chosen Flutter to complete their vision. Application with a broad user base like Google Ads, Google Pay, Alibaba Group’s Xianyu, Nubank, eBay Motors

has already shifted their codebase to Flutter. There must be benefits to work…

Flutter Vs Kotlin

Actually, it is quite weird to compare Flutter and Kotlin, because one is a framework while another one is a programming language.

Flutter is a framework originally released to build applications for Android, iOS, and Web from a single codebase. It later announced that the Flutter framework can be used to build applications for Desktop too. The main selling points of the Flutter framework are rich and colorful User Interfaces(UI) with strong native performances in any of its supporting devices. There are more benefits to using a flutter framework. Let’s state some of them.

We all know how broken and frustrating Google’s review system is. Many other developers have continually expressed their concerns and exhaustion over the years, and nothing seems to get better. There are several developer stories from OverPass Apps, “Google just terminated my Google Play Developer account forever” by Mattia D'Alleva, App suspension story of Gaurav Pangam, 3 million downloads Google’s App developer termination of Ted Park’s account, Tokata’s account termination the list continues.

So it all started when I received this email from a vigilante

One Button

showAlertDialog(BuildContext context) {  // set up the button
Widget okButton = FlatButton(
child: Text("OK"),
onPressed: () { },
// set up the AlertDialog
AlertDialog alert = AlertDialog(
title: Text("My title"),
content: Text("This is my message."),
actions: [
// show the dialog
context: context,
builder: (BuildContext context) {
return alert;

Two Buttons

Combatting COVID-19 through Contact Tracing and AI Prediction

At the time of writing this article, the coronavirus cases have crossed the 600,000 marks with the death toll continuously rising on an everyday basis.

Among the uncertainties around its origin story in Wuhan, the other, more fearful fact about Coronavirus is that it is extremely difficult to identify who has caught the virus. There is little to zero surety that someone has Corona until at least 14 to 20 days. And by this time, the carrier would have spread it to several other people, who in turn would spread it to hundreds other.

The only solution according to the…

Flutter Push Notification using Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

This tutorial, we’re going to learn how to integrate push notification in your flutter apps.

For this, we’ll be using the firebase_messaging plugin.

Github Code: https://github.com/praharshbhatt/flutter-firebase-cloud-messaging


First of all, we need to create a new project or we can use the existing project. Open the pubspec.yaml and add the following dependency:


sdk: flutter

firebase_messaging: ^6.0.9

Working on the Android side of things

Update Project level Gradle

Navigate to your android/app/src/build.gradle

Update your package name from defaultConfig to your applicationId

After updating the package name, we need to add google-service inside your apply plugin: 'com.google.gms.google-services'

Update App level Gradle

Open android/app/build.gradle & add classpath for google-service…

We’re writing to you from Flutter Interact, Google’s biggest Flutter event to date, where Google is making a number of announcements about Flutter, including a new updated release and a series of partnerships that demonstrate their commitment to supporting the ever-growing ecosystem around Flutter.

From Device-centric to App-centric development

Our original release for Flutter was focused on helping you build apps that run on iOS and Android from a single codebase. But Google wants to go further.

We live in a world where internet-connected devices are pervading in every area of our lives. Many of us transition throughout the day between multiple devices: phones, watches…

Firebase Authentication (login) and Firestore on Flutter mobile and web

Simple Tutorial for Firebase Authentication (login) and Firestore on Flutter mobile and web

What is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source mobile SDK developed by Google to build high-quality applications for Android and iOS. It allows developers to not only build an application with beautiful design, smooth animation, and fast performance but also able to integrate new features quickly. Flutter offers high-velocity development with its stateful hot reload and hot restart. With only one code base to manage, you get to save a lot of costs comparing to managing both Android and iOS projects as Flutter compiles it to native ARM code. Flutter uses Dart programming language which is also developed by Google.

What is Firebase?

Firebase is a mobile…

What’s the Mindset That Defines the Most Successful People?

Without it, it’s impossible to innovate and grow, says billionaire Richard Branson.

Nobody likes to fail. Yet failure is the secret to success. If you haven’t been rejected a number of times, the current mantra goes, you just haven’t experienced success.

Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, swears by this premise. At Virgin, they encourage and even celebrate failure. There’s an underlying theme there that, without trying something new and failing, it’s virtually impossible to innovate and grow.

Branson says, “Do not be embarrassed by your failures. Learn from them and start again. …

Apps fail for many reasons (the app has bugs, lacks a good idea, has a bad team) but one of the most common ones is that it doesn’t attract enough users to ever gain traction.

The “build it and they will come” theory is exactly that — a theory. An app that doesn’t invest in marketing to its audience will squander the thousands of dollars spent in development because it won’t ever get discovered.

Social media marketing is a fantastically cheap way for app developers to promote their app to a targeted audience, spread word of mouth and drive traffic…

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